Two weeks in Ibiza

In the course of two weeks, we have visited Ibiza and San Antonio, as well as various islands. Beautiful place, great summer. All pictures were taken with Sony RX1.

Aena Ibiza Airport

Sea view from a hotel room

Party on a beach in Ibiza

Outdoor restaurant under palms

Sunset in San Antonio Ibiza

Beach in San Antonio Ibiza

Coffee cup on a wooden table

Mojito glass

Night clubs by the sea in San Antonio Ibiza

Black and white photo of beach in San Antonio Ibiza

Ibiza city center

Ibiza city center

Ibiza city center

Ibiza city center

View on Ibiza beach from hotel room

Ibiza landscape

Ibiza city center

Ibiza old town

Restaurants in Ibiza old town

Party club in San Antonio Ibiza

Cat in Ibiza